Pelamis Wave Power

Pelamis Wave Power is widely recognised as the world’s most advanced wave power developer and is the inventor, designer, manufacturer and operator of the Pelamis wave energy machine.

Pelamis work with project developers, energy companies and utilities seeking to harness wave energy in order to meet the global need for clean, sustainable, renewable power generation.

The challenge

To design and develop a new website appealing to key stakeholders; investors, customers, press, governments and present and future staff, reinforcing Pelamis Wave Power as the leader in the renewables field.

Our approach

To rationalise the rich and diverse content into appealing and easy to navigate sections. To develop a distinct 'look and feel', incorporating a mixture of black & white and colour photography. To showcase Pelamis in the news and current events. To develop a feature-rich content managed 'back end' allowing for ongoing client updates and refreshment of content.

Website design

Intuitive navigation and bold use of photography was a key client requirement, having a rich and diverse collection taken 'in the field' and during development.

Content to be easily 'liked' and 'shared', whilst a press area allows for resources to easily be downloaded.

Client comment

"Glidden were a genuine pleasure to work with. From the outset they took time and attention to understand not only the messages we wanted to communicate but also just what makes our company so passionate about wave power. As a result, the design of the completed website is very attractive and functional, but it also reflects the ethos and the people behind Pelamis Wave Power. Glidden made our website dynamic.

We’ve had many positive responses and feedback since the launch of our website and have recommended Glidden to anyone in need of a website revamp without hesitation."

Deborah Smith

Marketing Coordinator, Pelamis Wave Power