Notos Galleries

Notos Com Holdings is one of the largest commercial groups in Greece, operating in the area of department stores, apparel, footwear, cosmetics, personal care, home products and stationery.

Notos Galleries is their department store chain, with branches in Athens, Pireaus, Thessalonica, Larissa, Kalamata and Patras, retailing high quality goods, designer brands and contmporary styles.

The challenge

Losing market share to more contemporary retailers, Lampropoulos, trading for over 100 years and the original department store chain in Greece, was taken over by a new dynamic management team. As part of their modernisation of the company, Glidden was appointed to undertake a strategic brand review and to develop a new visual identity and communications system, aligning with the contemporary vision for the company.

Our approach

Confirming management instincts, our strategic analysis supported the view amongst the target younger audience that the name 'Lampropoulos' carried so many negative connotations that a name change was agreed, and thus 'Notos Galleries' was born.

Before re-design . . .

The Lampropoulos identity looked extremely dated and was over-applied on building exterior signing, undermining any sense the sense of quality or prestige.

The use of Greek characters in the signature anchored the brand as 'local', missing the opportunity to reflect the international nature of the high quality brands within the stores.

Notos identity

Exterior signage

Exterior signage

Exterior signage

Print materials


Vehicle liveries

Packaging design

Notos Com Holdings - Identity

We also created an adaptation of the Notos Galleries identity for the holding company - Notos Com, using a deep blue to reflect the more corporate nature of the company.