Alba Bioscience

Formerly part of the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service, Alba Bioscience is a major bio-manufacturing organisation, supplying vital products to hospitals, blood services and healthcare companies.

Alba Bioscience offers more than 30 years of research, development and manufacturing of transfusion diagnostics products.

The challenge

Formerly known as Diagnostics Scotland, the company was expanding and covering more than the field of Diagnostics and supplying products and services beyond Scotland. Thus, it was decided to change name to Alba Bioscience, whilst preserving a degree of connection to the previous company.

Our approach

By taking the client on a journey exploring creative concepts from evolution to revolution, we were able to build on the existing corporate identity, retaining some visual connections whilst developing not simply a signature but a powerful brand system.

Diagnostics Scotland

Having appraised the strengths and weaknesses of the existing identity, It was decided that there was merit in retaining a connection to the 'teal' corporate colour and some form of 'droplet'.

The stylised typography could be completely changed if desired.

Visual Identity

Following the creative exploration, the final signature selected features a more contemporary 3D droplet, futuristic typeface and descriptor.

We also developed a distinctive tri-tone photo collage shot in the labs, creating an instantly recognisable and flexible visual identity system.

Website design

Employing the same photo-collage and round-cornered graphic elements used across a range of applications, the website forms an integral part of the external communications.

Company and product information can be downloaded, along with latest industry news.

E-mail marketing

To aid the launch of a new range of red cells, an e-mail marketing campaign was developed to align with direct marketing and online content which allowed the monitoring of recipients' actions to aid marketing intelligence.


Building on the photo-collage design system established, packaging for vials was developed covering 1, 3, 5 and 12 unit sizes.

Labels are centrally produced, conforming to industry standards.