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Opinion: Yahoo! launches new identity

Opinion: Yahoo! launches new identity

Posted on: Friday 6th September 2013

Thursday of this week saw social media platforms and blogs boom with a particular design related topic… Yahoo!'s new identity.

Team Glidden first took an interest in the Yahoo! identity update a couple of weeks back, during the middle of Yahoo!'s '30 days of change' campaign, which released one identity concept every day for 29 days, dramatically building up to the 30th when the chosen outcome was to be announced. We were left considering what was coming next, and why Yahoo! had chosen to embark on this particular process of revealing their new mark.

Having captured the design industry's interest with this unusual approach to a brand launch, Yahoo! had successfully created anticipation for a revolutionary branding statement. However, on the 30th day, we can't have been the only ones looking at the chosen identity and questioning the relevance of the '30 days campaign'. We were neither offended nor blown away by the chosen route. Without being party to the brief, and knowing the full story it's hard to judge, however it seems the redesign of their brand identity, and the 30 days of change campaign were two completely separate design exercises.

As a support to their redesigned identity, Yahoo! have completely refreshed their pages for sport, music, games, movies and weather, of which the visual language we feel is quite innovative. Its difficult to pinpoint a 'look and feel' for Yahoo! (and always has been). They appear to have moved from a characterful but dated identity accompanied by a mismatch of different web styles, to an updated relatively uncharacterful mark accompanied by minimal page styles displaying adventurous uses of typography, photography and IOS 7 'esque' tints of colour. We are interested to see how Yahoo! continue to evolve the 'look and feel' of their brand, to see if it can win back some of the character, and whether we will ever get our heads round the reasoning behind the '30 days of change' campaign.

Yahoo! Identity

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