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The Kelpies appear on Castle Street in Edinburgh

The Kelpies appear on Castle Street in Edinburgh

Posted on: Thursday 8th August 2013

Our usual commute to work was pleasantly interrupted on Wednesday morning by the appearance of this magnificent sculpture of what we thought were horses. On further investigation, we learnt that we we had encountered The Kelpies, a series of sculptures by public artist Andy Scott.

the kelpies falkirk

The 'Kelpie' is a supernatural water horse from Celtic folklore rumoured to haunt the lochs and rivers of Scotland and Ireland. Andy Scott's main sculptures will be situated at The Helix Environmental Regeneration Scheme on the Forth and Clyde Canal near Falkirk and will be 30 metres (100feet) tall, making them one of the world's largest equine sculptures.

kelpies in production

The Kelpies that visited Castle Street in Edinburgh, were maquettes of the final sculptures, only 3 meters in height, just 1 tenth of the size of the final pieces. They have appeared in various locations, the furthest afield being Chicago, where they spent a year on exhibition as part of Chicago Sculpture International.

the kelpies in chicago

the kelpies on castle street

Unfortunately on our commute to work the following morning, we discovered they had disappeared!

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We had the good fortune to see the Kelpies from the roadway during our trip to Scotland this past summer. I'm so glad to have found some information about their background!
C. Friedman


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