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World Book Night 2013 releases 500,000 books into the wild!

World Book Night 2013 releases 500,000 books into the wild!

Posted on: Tuesday 23rd April 2013

A surprising and heartwarming moment on the number 11 bus in Edinburgh today, when this little gem was spotted sitting on top of the usual Metro detritus.

The Post-it note reads "Please pick me up, Take me home. Read me & pass me on, Thanks : ) I'M FREE!"

World Book Night 2013 Gombrich No. 11 bus, Edinburgh

A little research on reaching the Team Glidden studio revealed that it is part of World Book Night 2013, when 20,000 volunteers will hand out half a million books tonight. The event, now in its third year, aims to promote literacy and share the joy of books with people who might not normally read.

The inner leaf reveals that this one was chosen and 'released' by Emma Jamieson, Edinburgh, who collected it from Fountainbridge Library.

The evening will also be marked by hundreds of literary events across Britain at libraries, village halls, pubs and local book clubs. Four star-studded events are also taking place in London, Liverpool, Edinburgh and Cambridge.

The volunteers will each give out twenty copies of their favourite book to people in their community who don’t read regularly. An independent editorial committee of librarians, booksellers, writers and broadcasters has drawn up a list of twenty titles, from which the volunteers have chosen their book to give away.

We have a lovely little glow today and feel quite uplifted!

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