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Facebook sneaks in subtle update to identity

Facebook sneaks in subtle update to identity

Posted on: Monday 22nd April 2013

You could be forgiven for missing it, but last week Facebook undertook a subtle update of their identity . . .

The new Facebook icon features the 'f' character breaking out of its bounding box, which has been given a completely flat blue tone, dropping the lighter toned band along the lower edge.
The bar of the 'f' has had the angle of the right side increased slightly, giving it a more prominent slant.
Facebook icons old and new
                                       Before                                                                              After         
As part of the update, some of the official pages of the site received new icons, providing a more contemporary and consistent feel.

Facebook page icons, comparison of old and new

Definately a case of 'evolution', rather than 'revolution' this one, and whilst not a radical change all round, and slipped in quietly, we feel it is good to keep on top of your identity, and a little 'housework' is often all that is required.

Thanks to DesignTaxi for the heads up on this one  . . .

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