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Made in Scotland - A Celebration of Innovation

Made in Scotland - A Celebration of Innovation

Posted on: Friday 2nd November 2012

Team Glidden attended by special invitation the inaugural 'Made in Scotland' event at the Zaha Hadid-designed Riverside Museum in Glasgow, on Thursday Nov. 1st, organised by Business Insider and sponsored by Marks & Clerk, Intellectual Property advisors.

Made in Scotland Riverside Museum

The event focused around the challenges and opportunities faced by Scottish inventors in developing their inventions from concept to market commercialisation and was hosted by Alasdair Northrop, Editor of Scottish Business Insider.

Made in Scotland Riverside Museum reception

The expert panel consisted of:
Dr David Milne
Wolfson Microelectronics, integrated circuit and semiconductor innovators and supplier to Apple.

David Gow
Touch Bionics, inventor of the world's first commercially available bionic hand.

Pete Higgins
UWI Technology inventor of the UWI Label, which works by creating a chemical reaction as soon as the seal is broken on a food jar or packaging, starting a visual countdown to show when the product expires.

David Armstrong
M Squared Lasers, who have just received an investment of £3.85 million in growth capital from BGF (Business Growth Fund)

Made in Scotland Expert Panel

The keynote speaker was Dr David Milne, who talked about the benefit of not just manufacturing to order, but in gaining a stake in the success of the end product, which leads to significant financial returns if successful. He also talked of Wolfsons' move into developing their own products, creating valuable intellectual property.

David Gow, former NHS employee, focused on the challenges faced in securing essential investment to develop and bring products to market. His route had been via angel investment, although the process had clearly taken a toll. Speaking passionately, his underlying message was that if you drink from the devil's cup, then ultimately payback will be expected.

Former architect, Peter Higgins' UWI Label idea had come when faced with an opened jar of mayonnaise in his fridge and the dilemma of whether to use it in preparing a meal from his young son. On inspecting his cupboard he discovered a whole plethora of opened jars with no way of telling whether they were beyond safe use or not. He had identified a problem needing a solution, but did not have the expertise to come up with the answer. His journey involved identifying where to get advice, how to protect his idea whilst undertaking discussions, seeking funding and finally extending the products' market into aviation glues, which have a 48 hour life once opened, and are strictly scrutinised by the aviation authorities.

David Armstrong spoke of creating a laser company, building it up for ultimate sale, and then repeating the process. His companies products sell in the region of £100,000 each.

Team Glidden were also very pleased to meet up with an old client, Bahram Adojani of Snapz Crisps, a remarkable, 100% natural snack product made in fruit and vegetable varieties. They are currently growing sales in the USA through relationships with Subway and Pepsico, and also in the drive towards healthier eating in schools. A fantastic product and an amazing story of a small company creating a new product category.

Made in Scotland - Bahram Adojani, Snapz Crisps

It was a fascinating evening, and Marks & Clerk were roundly applauded for their support of businesses in protecting their intellectual property over decades of invention.

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